Spaceshyp is a space for people to discover unique immersive experiences

Spaceshyp is a trusted community space for people to list, discover and book unique immersive experiences around the world. Our music experiences aim to enable our community of top-level talent to discover new ways of achieving musical success. For our community of listeners, we aim to change the way music is created, discovered and experienced. Through our unique experiences, fans will be rewarded for their contributions and musicians will have access to learn and connect with some of the major players in the industry (Label Execs., A&Rs, Musicians, and Producers).

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The official launch is coming soon!

The official launch is coming soon!

We are hard at work in developing our upcoming music experiences. Make sure to get early access to be the first to hear about the official launch.‌

Spaceshyp weclomes all questions, ideas, opinions, and comments to better our space.

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What is Spaceshyp?

Spaceshyp is a space for people to discover unique immersive experiences. Music is one of the first categories that we will be offering unique virtual and in-person experiences for fans and musicians.

Do I have to pay to be on the platform?

No, anyone may sign up to be apart of the Spaceshyp community.

How do I submit my music?

Once Spaceshyp has officially launched, you will be able to create an account, and then upload or link your music onto the platform for a fee. Sign up for early access to get more information about the guidelines and pricing for music submission.

Is Sire Records really looking for musicians on Spaceshyp?

Yes, we have partnered with Sire because they want to find a better way to search for quality, up and coming musicians.

Want to cover one of Spaceshyp's experiences

We welcome the public to cover our experiences. Reach out to us via our contact form to speak with one of our representatives.